Wood-based 3D packages

Starting date

February 13, 2020

Contact person

Jarkko Tuominen

New solutions to replace single-use (disposable) plastics are in high demand. The solutions sought for should be based on renewable raw materials, manufactured with minimal environmental footprint, and be recyclable. The new material should also be biodegradable, should it end up in nature.

Together with Valmet, Metsä Spring has initiated a development project that aims, in its first phase, to find such a new solution. Our solution is based on sustainably grown, renewable Northern wood and especially on the wood component known as cellulose fibre. After a successful pre-study phase, Metsä Spring and Valmet decided to initiate a joint demonstration phase. In the context of this phase, a greenfield demo plant has been built in Äänekoski, Finland, next to an existing Metsä Group factory. The demo plant was started up in May 2022 and it is now used to further study and develop the novel manufacturing technology and subsequently, also study and develop the new Muoto pacgaging products. In parallel to the technical development, Metsä Group is also working on the business model for the potential new business. The aim is to make the new wood-based Muoto products, fully fossil free (material and energy). It is believed that such products will be of particular interest in various high volume consumer packaging applications in the future. We have launched Muoto® trademark and more information about the products can be found at